Civil Defence


Muster station is the Okura Community Hall.


Some years ago, an emergency "persons" checklist was set up by the Okura Ratepayers & Residents Association (ORRA) for all Okura Residents wanting to take part. This list was set up to ensure that residents in our Community can be contacted and accounted for should the need arise in a State of Emergency. Since then, the ORRA has created an Emergency Response Group (ERG) along with an Okura Neighbourhood response plan (NRR), overseen by the Auckland Council Civil Defence Team.

As personal details change or new residents come into Okura, we like to update the information in our database.

This list is not compulsory but we urge everyone to get behind this, for the safety of everyone's family. Should you wish to be involved, your information will be kept confidential within the ORRA Committee and will only be used in a situation that has been declared an "Emergency".

If you would like to be on this list download this form, fill it out and return to the address. CLICK HERE

Co-ordinator for Civil Defence in Okura - is Brett at Auckland Council:

Useful links:

To view the latest Emergency Response Group newsletter (October 2012) CLICK HERE

How to get ready...

• Learn about the disasters that can affect you.
• Create and practice a household emergency plan.
• Assemble and maintain emergency survival items.
• Have a getaway kit in case you have to leave in a hurry.
• Refer to back of Yellow Pages phone book as a guide
• Register to receive warnings:

Receive emergency status updates via email visit

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